Clinton Cheney
Aquaculture Diploma Student

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Please note all information provide on this website is as accurate as my research, and not intended for anything else other than a guide.. 
Hi my name's Clinton Cheney,  I have a small aquaculture shed which contains tanks, bath tubs and larger tonnage tanks outside, they contain Guppies,  Pygmy Perch, Yabbies, Goldfish, Marron and Glass shrimp. 
For the past seven years I have been setting up my own tanks and researching aquaculture in general.
In 2000 I completed Certificate 2 in Aquaculture.
I have recently enrolled in the diploma of Aquaculture course at Tafe Albany.

This site contains a weekly updated
Disease Information page, Questions and Answers page, a Request Info. page, Photos and  also the Best Links to aquaculture sites that I have found in my four years on the net.   

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